Quilts for Comfort
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.Established in December, 2000.

Total Quilts Delivered 10,000

Quilt Bees coming up in the near future.

October 24th. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church on Marrows Road in Newark, DE. This is just such a fun bee. Be sure and come.

November 14th. Limestone Presbyterian Church on Pike Creek. Such a great bee. Everyone comes to work and the results are amazing. Come if you can.

Regular quilting bees are held at Red Clay Presbyterian Church on the first Thursday of every month. Cathy is the host of this one and you can call her for information. 610-274-2288.

The Friendship Star Quilters meet on the First Tuesday of every month at St. Georges UMC in St. George, DE.
A lovely work space and great people. Call Kris for information, 834-9444.

Every Thursday quilters gather at Eve English's House, 12 Aldershot Drive in Newark, DE. to quilt. This is a small but very busy group. Call Eve if you'd like to come, 302-737-0144.

Sometimes in a bad situation
all you can do is offer comfort.
Sometimes that's a Lot!

Guidelines for making a quilt.
Our quilts are delivered to at-risk babies and young children in Delaware,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland
And we have decided that you are never too old for a security blanket,
a Quilt for Comfort,
so we have expanded our program to include adults in need of comfort.
Quilts for Comfort are being delivered to the
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
and patients receiving dialysis at Christiana Hospital.
Very happy Quilters at a Community Quilt Bee.

Join the team, Make a Quilt for Quilts for Comfort.

These are the Wednesday Quilter's at Eve's House. Cathy is missing, but we'll get her next time. and Charlotte too.

Is this a happy quilter??? Annie, working away!

Karen, also enjoying herself! Ski, keeping everyone working!

A very lovely quilt!

As promised, here's Cathy! And Eve too.

Ski lost 20 years and I'm not sure where. I think she left them in school.
Over all A really fun group!

Links to some of my favorite web sites.
Visit Heidi's Pure hart Soap page to order and show your support for
Quilts for Comfort

Heidi's Pure Hart Soap Page.
A percent of all her sales goes to help support Quilts for Comfort.
Visit her page to order.

Please help us to continue our work. Send your tax deductible donation to: Quilts for Comfort,
12 Aldershot Drive, Newark, DE 19713
And thank you in advance for helping us to continue our work!

Or sponsor a bee? It's easy. Call me for information, (302)229-9733

Send an email for more information. ekotrola@earthlink.net

If you'd like to help, PLEASE consider sending us some of that extrafabric you don't need, or sewing supplies?
We need sewing machines too! And if you'd like to make a baby quilt and
send it to us, that would be great ! Your donations are tax deductible.
Eve English, Quilts for Comfort
12 Aldershot Drive, Newark, DE 19713

Created July 7, 1997,
Latest change October 1, 2015
Edna Kotrola (570-724-3962